"With the loss of four dragons, Rhaenyra's only advantage was fading. Luckily for her, over the centuries House Targaryen had spilled more than blood on Dragonstone. She promised gold and title to any of the Targaryen bastards who could tame the six untamed dragons on the island. These bastards were called the dragonseeds, though most were called supper."
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Seasmoke was a dragons bred by House Targaryen.


Seasmoke was one of six wild dragons, left riderless and unclaimed on Dragonstone island for many years.

During the Dance of the Dragons, Rhaenyra Targaryen's faction - the Blacks - was based on the island, but realized that they possessed more dragons than riders. It was believed that only those of the Targaryen bloodline could successfully bond with dragons, but over the generations the Targaryens had produced numerous bastard children and grandchildren with the commoners of the isle.

Rhaenyra put out a call for any who believed they were a bastard of Targaryen blood to attempt to mount and bond the six riderless dragons, offering reward of gold and title. Many of these bastards - called Dragonseeds - died in the attempt, but ultimately four of them succeeded. One of them was Seasmoke.[1]

In the books

Seasmoke was the name given by Laenor Velaryon to the dragon hatched to him. It was grey and white in color. First Laenor and then later Addam of Hull rode Seasmoke in the Dance of the Dragons. Seasmoke was killed in the Second Battle of Tumbleton, alongside its rider, as well as two other dragons, Tessarion and Vermithor.

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