The Search for the North Grove was a mission assigned to Gared Tuttle by his late liege lord Gregor Forrester and his uncle Duncan Tuttle to ensure the survival of House Forrester.


Following the defeat and massacre of House Stark at the hand of House Frey and House Bolton during the Red Wedding, Gregor Forrester sent his squire Gared Tuttle back to Ironrath with a message to only deliver to his uncle Duncan Tuttle, "The North Grove must never be lost". Lord Forrester then sacrificed himself to allow Gared time to escape.

Returning to his family's farm, Gared finds his father and sister have been murdered by three soldiers from House Whitehill and House Bolton with Britt Warrick among them. After a skirmish resulting in the death of a Whitehill soldier, Gared returns to Ironrath but is sent to The Wall by Duncan Tuttle to protect both Gared and House Forrester from the retribution of Ramsay Snow for the death of the Whitehill soldier. Before leaving, Gared delivers his message regarding the North Grove to Duncan who promises to talk about the Grove after Gared has settled at the Wall, advising Gared to become a Ranger which could become useful when the time comesto find the North Grove.

The Wall

Beyond the Wall

The North Grove


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