This article is about the Lord of Horn Hill. For the brother of the Night's Watch, see Samwell Tarly
"When Aegon's son faced rebellion from the Vulture King of Dorne, my ancestor, Savage Sam Tarly, led the royal forces on a Vulture Hunt. Heartsbane, our ancestral Valyrian sword, and the pride of our house, soon ran red from point to hilt with rebel blood."
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Lord Sam Tarly, also known as Savage Sam, was the Lord of Horn Hill during the reign of Aenys Targaryen.


When the Dornish Vulture King rebelled against King Aenys, Sam played a leading part in the Vulture Hunt to defeat him. He wielded the family's ancestral Valyrian steel sword Heartsbane, which was said to run red from point to hilt with rebel blood.[1]

In the books

In The World of Ice & Fire, Savage Sam's story is the same.

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