Saltcliffe on a map shown in the Histories & Lore videos

Saltcliffe is one of the seven Iron Islands, an archipelago located on Ironman's Bay, on the western side of Westeros.


Season 3

As one of Ramsay Snow's sadistic torments of the captive Theon Greyjoy, before Theon knew his real identity, he pretended to be a spy sent by his sister Yara to help him escape. When Theon asked who he was, he claimed he was an ironborn from Saltcliffe.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Saltcliffe is the least noteworthy of any of the seven Iron Islands, without much of a distinguishing economy, culture, or history.

At least two major noble Houses are located on the island: House Saltcliffe of Saltcliffe, and House Sunderly of Saltcliffe. Balon Greyjoy's mother was a Sunderly - grandmother of Theon and Yara.

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