"The Red Kings of House Bolton wore cloaks made from the skins of Stark princes they'd flayed, and one of the Boltons was even known as the Redarm because he liked to plunge an arm into the bellies of captive Starks and pull out their entrails with his bare hand."
Sansa Stark[src]

King Royce IV Bolton, also known as "the Redarm", was a Red King and head of House Bolton.


Royce earned the nickname "the Redarm" due to his fondness of plunging his arm into the bellies of captive Starks and removing their entrails with his bare hand.[1]

In the books

In The World of Ice & Fire novels, Royce IV Bolton succeeded in burning Winterfell during one of the wars between House Bolton and House Stark, which his namesake Royce II Bolton had done three hundred years earlier.

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