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"Finally uniting behind King Robar Royce, the First Men smashed the Andals in battle after battle, reclaiming the Vale and pushing the invaders back to the sea from whence they'd come. "
Petyr Baelish[src]

King Robar II Royce was the last Bronze King of House Royce.


During the Andal Invasion of Westeros, the First Men defended the Vale from the invaders, and were united under King Robar, crusing the Andals in battle after battle, reclaiming the Vale from them and driving them back to the Narrow Sea where they had come from.

The Andals united under Ser Artys Arryn, the Falcon Knight, and the two sides met in battle at the foot of the Giant's Lance in the Battle of the Seven Stars. While the Andals had mounted knights, the First Men were on foot and held the high ground, strengthening their position by lining it with sharpened stakes smeared with offal and excrement. Initially holding against six charges from the Andal cavalry, the line was broken by Torgold Tollett, allowing the knights to rush through the gap.

However, Robar decided not to retreat, and instead rode after Ser Artys with the intent of scattering the Andal knights by killing their leader. He took the Valyrian steel sword Lady Forlorn from the dead Andal lord Qyle Corbray, and duelled with Ser Artys, a story later celebrated by singers. Robar managed to cut off the Falcon Knight's head, only to see 500 Andal knights behind him, led by Ser Artys himself, who had dressed one of his knights in his spare armor and thus tricked Robar. The knights had taken a goat path known to Ser Artys, and killed King Robar, destroying his forces and ending the rule of the First Men over the Vale.

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