"Yara Greyjoy has retaken the Iron Islands in her queen's name."

The Retaking of the Iron Islands was a successful attempt by the ironborn forces loyal to Queen Yara Greyjoy to retake the Iron Islands from King Euron Greyjoy, whose Iron Fleet was in King's Landing helping Queen Cersei Lannister defend the capital from Daenerys Targaryen.


Yara Greyjoy and her brother Theon were forced to flee the Iron Islands when their uncle Euron Greyjoy murdered their father and won the Salt Throne, but they were able to steal the best ships of the Iron Fleet and beat Euron to Meereen, where they made a pact with Daenerys Targaryen leading into her invasion of Westeros. As a result, Euron traveled to King's Landing and allied with Cersei Lannister, the new Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Euron went on to smash his niece and nephew's fleet and captured Yara, though Theon was able to escape by jumping overboard.

After rallying the remaining ironborn loyal to Yara at Dragonstone, Theon rescued his sister while their uncle was in the Red Keep with Cersei. Yara decided to use the three ships and ironborn still at her command to take the Iron Islands back from her uncle in Queen Daenerys's name. With Yara's permission, Theon took a small portion of this force north to fight and ultimately die for the Starks at the Battle of Ice and Fire against the White Walkers.

Recapturing the Iron Islands

According to the reports of Varys, the reconquest was successful. Considering the bulk of Euron's fleet was occupied serving Cersei on the other side of the continent, Yara's men likely encountered little resistance.[1]


At a war council at Winterfell after the battle, Varys reports to Daenerys that Yara has successfully retaken the Iron Islands in her name.[1]


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