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"Hen perzȳ vȳs amazverdagon asittaks. Lo zȳhyz zaldrīzesse Āeksiō Ōñō irudy Daenerot issi, sepār Daenerys Āeksiō irudy riñarta zȳhot issa. Lo Dārie se pāsābari sytiotāpia lōtirī jorrāeloty, sepār dōre vala arlī īlōn belmurilza.
(From the fire she was reborn to remake the world. Daenerys is a gift from the Lord of Light to her children. If we are steadfast in our love for the Queen and her faithful advisors, no man will ever lock us in chains again.)
―The Red Priestess preaches to the townspeople[src]

This unnamed woman is a Red Priestess based in Meereen.



This woman is a Red Priestess, clergy of R'hllor.

Season 6

This Red Priestess is seen preaching on the streets of Meereen to a crowd of townspeople about Daenerys Targaryen.[1] Her presence (and the fact that she pointedly mentions Daenerys's advisers) is likely the result of the agreement between Kinvara and Tyrion Lannister.


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Behind the scenes

The Red Priestess's necklace, belt and chest piece clearly displays a motif of elongated hexagons, a shape associated with Asshai and featuring prominently in the wardrobes of the Red Priestess's fellow missionary, Melisandre, the Asshai'i expatriate Quaithe, and the Red Priestess's own superior, Kinvara. See "Costumes/Essos - Asshai".[2] Interestingly, this Red Priestess's necklace is closer in shape to Melisandre's and Kinvara's, than to that of a different Volantene Red Priestess, but her dress and chest piece are more similar to that priestess's than to the dresses of Kinvara and Melisandre.


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