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"Lord Stark! Torrhen's Square is under siege."
―Ser Rodrik Cassel to Prince Bran Stark[src]

The Raid on Torrhen's Square is a battle during the War of the Five Kings. It is part of a ploy by Theon Greyjoy - who had abandoned House Stark and aligned himself with his father Balon Greyjoy, the self-fashioned King of the Iron Islands - to seize Winterfell and gain the respect of his father and fellow ironborn.


Prelude and battle

After news of an unidentified party attacking Torrhen's Square reach Winterfell, Prince Bran Stark sends Rodrik Cassel to defend the Stark bannermen of House Tallhart.[1]


With Winterfell undefended, Theon leads his crew to Winterfell and seizes it. In the meantime, Ser Rodrik is defeated and captured by the ironborn on his way back to Winterfell.[2]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the attack on Torrhen's Square is led personally by Dagmer Cleftjaw and most of the force Theon commands, as a diversion. The exact number of Dagmer's soldiers is unknown; since Theon has a force of between 200 - 250 ironborn, and he takes 30 men for capturing Winterfell, Dagmer has between 170 - 220 men for the task.

Dagmer is driven away by Ser Rodrik Cassel and troops from House Cerwyn (about 900 men) back to the Stony Shore, suffering significant casualties, since ironborn lack the discipline to stand a charge of mounted troops; in the meantime, Theon seizes Winterfell.

Once Ser Rodrik is notified about the capture of Winterfell, he gathers troops, among them Tallhart soldiers, and returns to Winterfell in attempt to free it. Some time later (it is not specified exactly when) Dagmer and his men return to Torrhen's Square and capture the sparsely-defended keep, taking Berena Hornwood, her children and niece captive.

Currently, Torrhen's Square is still held by Dagmer. After Asha Greyjoy is defeated by Stannis, she offers him to make Dagmer yield (although she is uncertain Dagmer will obey her), but Stannis refuses, stating that Torrhen's Square has no importance.

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