"She will no longer turn left onto Ragman Lane. She will turn right and go to Ragman Harbor."
Jaqen H'ghar to "Lanna"[src]
Ragman Harbor a harbor in the city of Braavos.


Season 5

Jaqen H'ghar instructs Arya Stark to turn right with her oyster cart toward Ragman's Harbor, instead of left, on Ragman Lane.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, there is a Ragman's Harbor. It's one of two harbors in Braavos, the other one is Purple Harbor, which only serves the locals. Ragman's Harbor is poorer, dirtier, and noisier than the Purple Harbor. It's were foreign ships are berthed.  Many people make their living around Ragman's Harbor, including porters, mummers, ropemakers, sailmenders, taverners, brewers, bakers, beggars, and whores.


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