"As an unruly and worthless youngest son, Harwyn was sent away to the east to vanish, and so he did. But when his father died, Harwyn returned to the Iron Islands for the kingsmoot."
Euron Greyjoy[src]

King Qhorwyn Hoare was a King of the Iron Islands.


Qhorwyn's son Harwyn was considered unruly and worthless, and was sent away. Following Qhorwyn's death, Harwyn succeeded him as King of the Iron Islands after being elected in the Kingsmoot.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Qhorwyn greatly valued his wealth and shrewdly avoided war in order to maintain it. In an effort to discourage his enemies from rising against him he tripled the size of his fleet and ordered the creation of additional weaponry. His eldest son died from greyscale and his second son Harlan was killed by a fall from a horse, with his third son Harwyn succeeding when he died and conquering the Riverlands with his father's strengthened military.

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