"Yeri chomak laz't lajat.
(Your people can't fight.)
―Qhono to Tyrion Lannister during the Battle of the Goldroad.[src]

Qhono is a Dothraki warrior and lieutenant in the Targaryen army.


Season 6

Qhono is among the Dothraki horde escorting a captive Daenerys Targaryen along with Akho, leading her to their master Khal Moro. Along the way, the two Dothraki taunt and mock their prisoner. Later, he is present along with two bloodriders plus Moro's wives as the Khal contemplates raping Daenerys prior to her revealing her true identity as Khal Drogo's widow.[1]

After the khalasar's arrival in Vaes Dothrak, he personally escorts Daenerys to the Dosh khaleen.[2]

Khal Qhono (Book of the Strangers)

Qhono watches Daenerys emerging from the fire.

During the Khalar vezhven determining their charge's fate, Qhono was in the city during the talks when the temple was set ablaze by Daenerys, killing his khal plus nine others in addition to the other bloodriders. He watched on in horror as the wood-and-thatch building burned to the ground, knowing he couldn't do anything about it. After he saw Daenerys emerge completely unscathed, Qhono joined the rest of Vaes Dothrak's denizens in bowing down to their new Khaleesi.[3]

Season 7

Qhono successfully crossed the Narrow Sea with the rest of Daenerys's Dothraki. He is the senior bloodrider present when Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth arrive on Dragonstone. At Missandei's prompting, Qhono confiscates their visitors' weapons and leads the way to Daenerys's throne room. When Jon moves too close to his khaleesi, Qhono moves into a defensive position as a warning. When Daenerys cuts the meeting short, she gives a long list of orders to Qhono, presumably regarding how Jon and Ser Davos are to be treated.[4]

704 Qhono and Tyrion

Qhono and Tyrion oversee the Battle of the Goldroad.

Qhono is one of the guards that protect Tyrion Lannister as he watches on the Battle of the Goldroad. Qhono tells the Lord Hand that his people do not fight well against the Dothraki while Tyrion, who is visibly disturbed by watching his people get cut down, continues to watch on.[5] After their return to Dragonstone, Qhono escorts Ser Jorah Mormont to Daenerys, when he claimed to be a friend of hers. Later, he was present when Jon Snow and a group of allies departed Dragonstone for Eastwatch, hoping to capture a wight beyond the wall.[6]

707 Qhono

Qhono during the parley in King's Landing.

Qhono is on hand during the Parley in King's Landing, acting as a guard of Daenerys's contingent.[7]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, no Dothraki named "Qhono" has been mentioned in the storyline as of the fifth novel, A Dance with Dragons. However, the storyline in which Qhono is involved in the show will not appear in the books until the sixth book in the series, The Winds of Winter, which has not been released yet, so he could appear in that book.


Season Six appearances
The Red Woman Home Oathbreaker Book of the Stranger The Door
Blood of My Blood The Broken Man No One Battle of the Bastards The Winds of Winter
Season Seven appearances
Dragonstone Stormborn The Queen's Justice The Spoils of War Eastwatch Beyond the Wall The Dragon and the Wolf


"Ishish me tih leyes. Mai okeosi inavvasi anni tih leyes majin noreth moon zasqaso.
(Maybe she saw a ghost. My friend’s mother saw a ghost and her hair turned white.)
―Qhono on Daenerys Targaryen.[src]


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