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Main page from June 18 2018 to August 9 2018, Winner: Targaryen Conquest (50.89%)

Main page from December 20 2017 to June 18 2018, Winner: House Stark (57.45%)

Main page from September 16 2017 to December 20 2017, Winner: "I didn't mind at all, I was so engrossed in the drama and characters I enjoyed it." (43.26%)

Main page from July 20 2017 to September 16 2017, Winner: "Loved it! A great ending to a great season!" (80.23%)

Main page from December 8 2016 to July 20 2017, Winner: "The Great Tourney at Harrenhal" (34.37%)

Main page from May 12 2016 to December 8 2016, Winner: "More than one" (50.26%)

Main page from February 14 2016 to May 12 2016, 5909 total votes. Winner: "Return of Bran Stark, now having visions of the past like his father during Robert's Rebellion " (32.53%)

Main page from June 15 2015 to February 14 2016, 9177 total votes. Winner: "Loved it! Dany finally rode Drogon and Tyrion made it to Meereen!" (57.36%)

Main page from June 07 2015 to June 15 2015, 1491 total votes Winner: "...why aren't they pushing for more than 7 seasons again?" (62%)

Main page from May 11 to June 07 2015 Winner: "Damn the odds by staying in civilization to seek medical treatment, desperately hoping that you are one of the few people who rarely gets miraculously cured (like Shireen), but knowing that if you fail (as you almost certainly will), the local population will eventually put you to the torch to keep the disease from spreading." (66.46%)

Main page from April 27 to May 11 2015 Winner: "I remember that Talisa mentioned she was from Volantis in Season 2, but don't remember anything specific she said about it; her presence did not help to set up Volantis in Season 5." (50.47%)

Main page from April 23 2015 to April 27 2015 Winner: "She was right to try to give the Harpy a fair trial, but she should have spared Mossador, for the pragmatic reason that killing him would anger the former slaves who agreed with him." (61.56%)

Main page from April 15 2015 to April 23 2015 Winner: I thought it was great, and hope they do more flashbacks (64.56%)

Main page from January 4 2015 to April 15 2015 Winner: Removing the revelation of what happened to Tysha as the real reason that Tyrion kills his father Tywin ("Where do whores go?") (37.68%)

Main page from July 25 2014 to January 4 2015 Winner: Alexander Siddig as Prince Doran Martell (28.03%)

Main page from June 8 2014 to July 25 2014 Winner: The Lannisters themselves (45.81%)

Main page from March 24 2014 to June 8 2014.

Main page from September 9 2013 to March 24 2014.

Main page from June 10 to September 9 2013.

Main page week 1 September to 8 September 2012. After 654 votes most people are in the process of reading the books 308 votes.

If you can't recall the places listed, here are some links - Pyke, Qarth, Dragonstone, Harrenhal, Craster's Keep, and Fist of the First Men. Main page week 25 August to 1 September 2012. After 209 votes most people chose Qarth or the Fist of the First Men as their favorite new location in the second season with 66 votes each.

On August 17 news broke that Ciarán Hinds has been cast as Mance Rayder.

Main page week 11 August to 25 August 2012. After 361 votes most people wanted to reserve judgement on Ciaran Hinds casting as Mance Rayder until they had seen him in the role with 40% of the vote.

Main page week 11 August to 18 August 2012. Results: After 397 votes Season 1 won with 213 votes, just 53.65% of the vote.

Main page week results: After more than 2000 votes more than 78% of people wanted to see Joffrey Baratheon dead in Season 3!

Main page week results: After more than 150 votes "Blackwater" was the most popular episode with more than 60% of the vote.

Main page week results: After more than 390 votes were tallied people were most excited to see Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Jojen Reed out of the newly announced season 3 cast members! 24% voted for Brodie-Sangster.

Main page week results: After more than 5200 votes were tallied 83% of people loved every minute of the season finale "Valar Morghulis"!

Main page week results: After more than 1000 votes were tallied 70% of you wanted to see Tyrion Lannister survive the finale!

Main page week results: After more than 580 votes were tallied Stannis Baratheon emerged as our reader's choice to win the battle with 77% of the vote. Unfortunately they were disappointed by the Lannister victory but the 23% who backed Tyrion and his family can rejoice.

Once you have chosen a house you could show your allegiance on your user page with one of the new userboxes created by The Dragon Demands, available from the forum.
Main page week results: After more than 1500 votes were tallied House Stark emerged as our reader's favorite house with 63% of the vote. House Targaryen came a distant second with 19% and House Lannister third with just 8%. The other houses all received less than 3% of the vote each.

After more than 700 votes were tallied, 70% correctly guessed that Pyat Pree stole the dragons, however only 9% implicated his co-conspirator Xaro Xhoan Daxos.