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Philippa Goslett is a British screenwriter. She joined the writing staff for House of the Dragon in its third season. She is best known for her work on HBO's The Nevers, for which she was chosen to replace Joss Whedon as showrunner after he left the project amidst scandal in the middle of its first season.[1]


Goslett wrote the screenplays for several movies, including Little Ashes and Mary Magdalene. She also notably wrote the screenplay for How to Talk to Girls at Parties - a film adaptation of a short story by Neil Gaiman.

By 2021 to 2023 she advanced to producer and then showrunner on HBO's The Nevers.

On December 6, 2023, George R.R. Martin revealed in his blog that Philippa Goslett was part of the writing staff for House of the Dragon: Season 3.[2]


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