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"If I may, Grand Maester, I took the liberty of preparing a fresh set of herbal poultices that might be more effective."
―Orwyle to Mellos[src]

Orwyle is the Grand Maester on the Small Council of Viserys I Targaryen.



Orwyle is a maester serving at the Red Keep.[4]

House of the Dragon: Season 1[]

Orwyle assists Grand Maester Mellos in treating an ailing King Viserys. When Orwyle says that he has prepared herbal medicine for the king, Mellos is dismissive, stating that leeching will be sufficient. After Mellos leaves, Orwyle gives the king a sleeping medication.[1]

Ten years later, Orwyle has succeeded the late Mellos as Grand Maester. He attends a Small Council meeting in which a feud between the Brackens and Blackwoods is discussed along with the War for the Stepstones.[3]

After Viserys's death, Orwyle is present at the meeting of the Small Council where the Greens move to crown Prince Aegon in place of his half-sister Rhaenyra. After Lord Lyman Beesbury is murdered by Ser Criston Cole for protesting the plan out of loyalty to Rhaenyra, Orwyle requests leave to remove Beesbury's body from the Small Council chamber, only to be refused permission by Otto Hightower. Orwyle also agrees to the proposal to assassinate Rhaenyra and her family, pragmatically stating that leaving a rival claimant to the throne alive only invites bloodshed.[2]

Orwyle is a part of the negotiation embassy sent to Dragonstone to convince Rhaenyra to surrender peacefully.[5]

House of the Dragon: Season 2[]

Orwyle is present at a meeting of the Small Council. When Tyland Lannister insists the navies of Houses Lannister and Hightower need to be reinforced to defeat the Velaryon fleet's blockade of the Gullet, Orwyle suggests offering the vacant position of Master of Ships to Dalton Greyjoy in hopes of gaining the ironborn as an ally. When Alicent asks if there have been any replies to her letters to Rhaenyra following the death of Lucerys, Orwyle admits there hasn't, remarking they can only conclude Rhaenyra has rejected the peace terms offered and intends to declare war.[6]

Orwyle is present at the hastily convened council session following the murder of Jaehaerys. He quickly grasps the nature of Otto Hightower's plan to blame Rhaenyra for the killing is to vilify her as a kinslayer and child-killer to counter the rumors circulating in King's Landing that she should have been crowned Queen following Viserys's death, rather than the increasingly unpopular Aegon II.[7]

Following the Battle of the Burning Mill, Orwyle proposes sending a raven to Riverrun, ordering Lord Grover Tully to rein in Houses Blackwood and Bracken, only for Jasper Wylde to dismiss Grover's ability to control his bannermen. When Jasper and Tyland debate whether to use the military strength of House Hightower or House Lannister to bring the Riverlands to heel, Orwyle argues it would be best to march both armies and catch the rebellious Rivermen between them, only for Tyland to mock Orwyle's lack of experience in military matters, sarcastically asking which link in his maester's chain signifies mastery of warcraft until Alicent shouts at them to cease squabbling.[8]

Some days later, Orwyle comes to Alicent's chambers with a jar of moon tea he brewed at her request (Alicent having told him it was for a girl in her service). Orwyle warns Alicent that the tea is known to disagree with the gut, for which she thanks him. Acknowledging Orwyle as a loyal servant of the crown, Alicent asks the Grand Maester if Viserys ever discussed a wish for Aegon to succeed him: Orwyle demurs, admitting Viserys never broached the subject with him.[9]


Orwyle prefers less traditional methods of healing than those of his predecessor.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Orwyle's character description for Season 2 reads as follows:

"A scholar and healer for the realm, providing counsel to King Aegon II."[10]

In the books[]

In Fire & Blood, Orwyle was an archmaester of noble birth. The Conclave elected him to succeed Mellos as Grand Maester in 127 AC, and he was known to be a better physician to King Viserys than Mellos was. His account is one of three major sources cited by Archmaester Gyldayn in the latter half of Fire & Blood.

After King Viserys's death, Orwyle attended a meeting of the Small Council, most of them were greens. According to Munkun, Orwyle softly protested when Otto Hightower spoke of crowning Aegon, but Mushroom and Septon Eustace insist the protest was made by Lyman Beesbury.

Following Aegon II's coronation and Rhaenyra's subsequent coronation on Dragonstone, Orwyle suggested he take peace terms to Rhaenyra, seeking to resolve the conflict peacefully. Aegon did not like the idea, accused Orwyle of disloyalty, and threatened to imprison him, but Alicent and Helaena were in favor of Orwyle's idea. Thus he (in the show - Otto Hightower) was sent to Dragonstone, under a peace banner, escorted by Arryk Cargyll, Gwayne Hightower, a score of scribes, and septons (amongst them Eustace).

Rhaenyra listened to the terms Aegon had offered, then asked Orwyle if he remembered whom her father had named as his heir and successor. When Orwyle admitted it was her, Rhaenyra demanded to know why he served her half-brother. According to Munkun, Orwyle cited the Andal law of a son inheriting before a daughter and the Great Council of 101 AC; Mushroom claims he stammered and wet his pants. Either way, his response only enraged Rhaenyra, who angrily told him "You are no Grand Maester, and you bring only shame and dishonor to that chain you wear." Her knights forced a protesting Orwyle to his knees and stripped him of his chain of office, which Rhaenyra bestowed upon Maester Gerardys. She then expelled Orwyle and his retinue from Dragonstone, saying "Tell my half-brother that I will have my throne, or I will have his head."



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