"Welcome home, Lady Stark. The North remembers."
―Old woman[src]

This old woman was a serving woman in the employ of House Bolton at Winterfell.



She is among the lowborn people gathered to rebuild Winterfell.

Season 5

She greets Sansa Stark after she is taken to Winterfell for her impending marriage to Ramsay Bolton. She warmly tells her that "the North remembers".[1]

Later, the women enters Sansa's chamber under the pretext of housekeeping, and tells her that she still has friends in the North. Should Sansa ever be in danger, she need only light a candle in the window of the Broken Tower.[2]

Later, Sansa urges Theon Greyjoy to help her escape Winterfell by lighting a candle as the old woman had told her to. Theon instead goes to Ramsay and confesses Sansa's request. Ramsay crucifies and flays the woman for her part in aiding Sansa. Ramsay mentions that her heart gave out before Ramsay had the chance to flay her face.[3]


Season Five appearances
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In the books

In the novels there is no equivalent scene or character. However, the phrase "the North remembers" is common among certain Northern nobles (among them Lord Wyman Manderly), who were left reeling by the betrayals House Stark and the North suffered, even those who felt slighted by the Starks (Lady Dustin) or have allied with the Boltons resent House Frey for the relatives and men lost at the Red Wedding. In the novels, the level of involvement of the Boltons in the Red Wedding is not common knowledge, though it is suspected by several prominent characters.

None of the servants in Winterfell offered to help Jeyne Poole (who was replaced in the show by Sansa), either because they did not care or were too afraid of the Boltons. Few of them even were direct members of the Stark household - Ramsay killed most of them when he burned Winterfell originally, except for a few women he took back as prisoners to the Dreadfort.


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