"When Meria died in her sleep, a weak and tired son sued for peace, but old Meria had exhausted Aegon as well, and he granted the request."

Prince Nymor Martell was a Prince of Dorne.


Following the death of his mother Meria Martell, Nymor became the Prince of Dorne and sued for peace with King Aegon I Targaryen. Aegon, who had endured a long conflict with Meria, granted the request.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Nymor was already old and weak by the time he ascended to the throne of Dorne. He sent his daughter and heir, Princess Deria Martell, to lead a delegation to King's Landing to negotiate a peace with King Aegon I Targaryen. Nymor gave her a letter to deliver to Aegon, who had intended to refuse the treaty, but upon reading it the dragon king clenched it so hand that his hands began to bleed, burned it once he had finished and flew to Dragonstone on Balerion without a word. He returned the next morning, agreed to the peace and signed the treaty.

The contents of Nymor's latter were never confirmed and were a topic of much speculation among Maesters. Some believe that Nymor wrote that Aegon's sister-wife Rhaenys had not died at Hellholt but was alive, crippled and in great pain, and that her suffering would be ended if Aegon signed the treaty. Another theory is that Nymor threatened to hire a Faceless Man to kill Aegon's son and heir Prince Aenys Targaryen if he did not agree to the peace. Regardless of the reason, the peace lasted for the remainder of Aegon's reign.

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