"Take her!"
―Nora's last words to Arya Stark, regarding her daughter's safety[src]

Nora was a peasant woman from King's Landing. She is the mother of a young daughter.


Season 8

Nora and her daughter are seen by Arya Stark while being herded into the city with the other civilians. They are later among the countless innocent civilians caught in the crossfire during the Battle of King's Landing. Despite Queen Cersei's surrender, Daenerys Targaryen destroys the city with dragonfire anyway, resulting in genocide. The two take refuge inside a building, but are told by Arya Stark to keep moving. Nora is later injured by a Dothraki soldier, and then burned alive by Drogon along with her child after Arya is unable to save them. In the aftermath of the battle, Arya sees the burnt corpses of Nora and her daughter.[1]


Season Eight appearances
Winterfell A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms The Long Night
The Last of the Starks The Bells The Iron Throne *

* Only appears as a corpse

Behind the scenes

Nora is portrayed by Laura Elphinstone. Elphinstone has additionally worked with Owen Teale, who is known for his role as Alliser Thorne, in a revival of the play Rutherford and Son.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, there is no character by that name.

Notes and references

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