This article is about the religious concept, for the episode see "The Night Lands."
"Maybe I am with you in the Night Lands."
Daenerys Targaryen during one of her visions in the House of the Undying[src]
Daenerys in House

Daenerys with Khal Drogo in the House of the Undying.

The Night Lands (Dothraki: Rhaeshi Ajjalani[1]) is the land of the dead in the Dothraki belief system.

For a Dothraki soul to enter the Night Lands to ride with his or her ancestors, the body must be burned in a funeral pyre.[2] It is a major insult to the dead to leave his or her body unburned.[3]

When Daenerys Targaryen sees her dead husband Drogo in the House of the Undying, she asks if she is joining him in the Night Lands.[4]


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