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Mysaria is a prostitute who lives in Westeros. She is the most trusted ally of Prince Daemon Targaryen.

Behind the scenes

Mysaria was announced as a recurring character in House of the Dragon on December 8, 2020. On February 11, 2021, it was announced that Sonoya Mizuno had signed on for the series. The character breakdown reads as follows:

"She came to Westeros with nothing, sold more times than she can recall, and could have wilted...but instead she rose to become the most trusted — and most unlikely — ally of Prince Daemon Targaryen, the heir to the throne."

In the books

This particular section contains MAJOR spoilers for House of the Dragon. Anyone wishing to avoid spoilers for the upcoming prequel series should not click [Expand].

In The World of Ice & Fire and Fire & Blood, Mysaria is a dancer from Lys who becomes the lover of Prince Daemon Targaryen.

Mysaria became Daemon's paramour while working in King's Landing, and was allowed to live at Dragonstone. Around 105 AC, she became pregnant with his child. Daemon then gave her a dragon egg, to the anger of King Viserys I Targaryen. On the king's command, Daemon returned the egg and sent Mysaria back to Lys. On the journey back, she lost the child.

After the death of Prince Lucerys Velaryon during the Dance of the Dragons, Mysaria hired two assassins (Blood and Cheese) to infiltrate the Red Keep and kill Jaehaerys Targaryen, son of Aegon II Targaryen.

At some point, Mysaria became Rhaenyra Targaryen's unofficial mistress of whisperers, though she did not sit on her small council. After the First Battle of Tumbleton, Mysaria informed Rhaenyra that Daemon had slept with Nettles at Maidenpool. Rhaenyra then ordered Nettles to be executed, but Manfryd Mooton refused.

After the arrest of Corlys Velaryon, Ser Denys Woodwright and Ser Thoron True planned to free their lord. However, Mysaria quickly learned of the plan and had the two knights hanged.

Septon Eustace speculated that Helaena Targaryen committed suicide after being informed by Mysaria of the death of her son, Maelor Targaryen.

Mysaria was captured by Ser Perkin the Flea during the riot of King's Landing. Ser Perkin told Mysaria that she would be allowed to live if she could walk naked from the Red Keep to the Gate of the Gods while being whipped. She made it halfway before dying.

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