"The Faith Militant set upon and punished the septon who had performed the ceremony."
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Septon Murmison was a septon during the reign of Aenys Targaryen.


HL5 Marriage of Aenys's children to each other

Septon Murmison (at far left) officiated the marriage of King Aensys's own son and daughter to each other.

HL5 Faith Militant seizes Septon Murmison

The Faith Militant seize, scourge, and kill Septon Murmison for performing the marriage of King Aenys's son and daughter.

Murmison officiated the wedding of Prince Aegon and Princess Rhaena, the son and daughter of King Aenys. The Faith Militant and the clergy of the Faith of the Seven objected to this incestuous union, and rebelled against the crown, leading to the Faith Militant uprising.

Murmison himself was seized by the Faith Militant for his role in the marriage, scourged with whips, and killed.[1]

In the books

The video featurette on the Faith Militant uprising seems to imply that the Faith Militant simply scourged Murmison with whips - actually, the Faith Militant dragged Murmison from his palanquin as he was being carried through the city, and tore him to pieces.

Murmison was a reputed miracle worker, and Aenys even appointed him Hand of the King in an attempt to placate the Faith of the Seven - though this did not succeed, and anyone should have known that aiding Aenys's foolish decision to have his own children marry would anger the Faith into open revolt. Murmison is therefore remembered as one of the worst Hands ever, and by the end the realm was praying for his demise.

When Aenys first took the throne he retained his father's last Hand of the King, Alyn Stokeworth, but he died in one of the localized rebellions that broke out after his coronation; Maegor quickly succeeded in crushing a different rebellion, so Aenys happily named his half-brother as his new Hand. Maegor served as Hand for another two years or so and for a time all seemed well, but Maegor increasingly grew frustrated that he could produce no children with his first wife, Cerse Hightower - nor could he get an annulment, because she was the High Septon's own niece. As Aenys and his own wife kept producing more healthy children, driving Maegor even further back in line of succession, he could bare it no longer, and polygamously took a second wife, Alys Harroway. The Faith was also upset with the Targaryens' past history of polygamous marriages, not to mention the personal insult to her uncle the High Septon. Even the politically unskilled Aenys realized he had to do something, so he had Maegor exiled to the Free Cities and named Septon Murmison as his new Hand. This at least kept the Faith from openly revolting for a time - until Aenys grew so aloof and prideful that he stupidly decided to marry his eldest son and daughter to each other. Murmison was expelled from the Faith for performing the marriage, and within a fortnight he was killed in the streets by the Faith Militant.

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