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Grenn: "We just cower in here while they slaughter our brothers?"
Edd: "Our brother had orders to stay at Castle Black."
Grenn: "Oh, so it's alright, then?! Black Jack and Kegs and Mully chopped to pieces because they broke the rules?!"
Edd: "I didn't say it was alright! I'm saying they shouldn't have been there."
Grenn and Eddison Tollett[src]

Mully was a Builder of the Night's Watch.


Season 4

Along with Black Jack Bulwer and Kegs, he travels to the brothel in Mole's Town. They sit drinking and listening to a whore belching out the melodies to popular songs. They are later slaughtered when a group of wildlings led by Tormund and Styr attack the village. News of their deaths soon reaches Castle Black.[1]


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Behind the scenes

Mully is named after Mulligan, an orange cat once owned by George R.R. Martin and his wife Parris.[2]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Mully is a steward of the Night's Watch. He is old and has an orange beard. He is not killed in a wildling attack on Mole's Town. So far he is alive and well.

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