This article is about the khal who lived during the Century of Blood. For the modern one see Moro.
"When Khal Mengo's son, Khal Moro, laid waste to the Waterfall City of Sathar, renaming it "The Place of Wailing Children", the Tall Men finally realized their peril."
Jorah Mormont[src]

Khal Moro was a Dothraki Khal.


Khal Moro laid waste to the Waterfall City of Sathar, after which he renamed it "The Place of Wailing Children". This event made the Sarnori realize just how perilous the Dothraki were, causing them to rally together behind the High King Mazor Alexi.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Moro had all of the men of Sathar put to the sword once he conquered the city, with the women and children being carried off as slaves to the morts in the hill city of Hazdahn Mo, which was a colony of the Ghiscari Empire. He then had the city burned to the ground, renaming it Yalli Qamayi, the place of Wailing Children.

Six years later, Moro formed an alliance with the King of Gornath by marrying one of his daughters to him, razing Kasath with his aid. Moro was killed by Horro twelve years later.


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