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"No gold!"
―Mord to Tyrion[src]

Mord is the turnkey at the Eyrie.



Mord is the gaoler in charge of the Sky Cells in the Eyrie. He is in the service of House Arryn. He is cruel, slow-witted, and follows the orders of his "betters."

Season 1

Mord strikes Tyrion.

Tyrion is given into Mord's redoubtable care while a prisoner at the Eyrie.[1]

While Tyrion is held in the Sky Cells, he tries to bargain for his freedom. Mord responds by beating him because he has no money to pay with. With great difficulty, Tyrion manages to bargain with Mord to allow him a fair hearing with Lysa Arryn, under the promise "a Lannister always pays his debts". Tyrion is able to manipulate the situation during his audience with Lysa to demand a trial by combat, which is won in his favor by Bronn. Set free, Tyrion asks for his money-purse back from Rodrik Cassel. As Tyrion turns to leave, true to his word, he tosses the gold-filled purse to Mord, who looks back in delightful astonishment as Tyrion leaves.[2]


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Behind the scenes

Mord was played by guest star Ciaran Bermingham. Fellow actor Peter Dinklage, who portrays Tyrion, was not wearing padding at the scene where Mord beats him with a truncheon; although it was a prop one, and it left him with bruises.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Mord is a petty, dimwitted, and cruel man who delights in tormenting prisoners and telling them how they are going to fall out of the cells to their deaths on the rocks, six hundred feet below the castle. He took Tyrion's coat when he first got there and the nights are freezing.

Mord is described as very unattractive person: he has small dark eyes and rotting brown teeth. The left side of his face is scarred where an axe cut off his ear and part of his cheek. He has a large belly and thick, stubby-fingered hands.

After Littlefinger kills Lysa and puts the blame on Marillion, Mord tortures Marillion by plucking his eyes and cutting several of his fingers, till he breaks down and confesses falsely that he killed Lysa. When Sansa looks at Mord, she notices that he has gold teeth.

"Mord" means "murder" in Norwegian, Danish, German, Swedish, and Polish, though it is uncertain if George R.R. Martin had any knowledge of this when he created the name.

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