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"Keep that baby quiet, or I will!"
―The whore to Gilly[src]

This unnamed woman was a Mole's Town whore.



She is a whore working in the brothel in Mole's Town.

Season 4

When Samwell Tarly brings Gilly and Sam to stay at the brothel, the whore approaches Gilly and begins asking questions. When Gilly tells her that she comes from north of there, the whore realizes that she is a wildling and becomes antagonistic towards her.[1]

Some weeks later, the whore tries to impress Kegs, Black Jack Bulwer and Mully by belching out the melodies to popular songs such as The Bear and the Maiden Fair. She takes a break to complain to Gilly about her baby's crying; Gilly, however, is more concerned with the sound of a persistent owl she hears outside. During the subsequent raid on Mole's Town, the whore tries to fight, but dies when Ygritte kills her with a spear thrust to the stomach.[2]


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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Gilly is never taken to Mole's Town to seek refuge, as Gilly and Sam arrive to Castle Black much later into the storyline after the battle is over, without passing through the village, which is abandoned at that point.

The books mention three whores of Mole's Town: Zei, Lady Meliana, and Sky Blue Su. They are among the villagers who come to seek refuge at Castle Black. None of them interacts with Gilly. Since very little information is given about them, it is unknown if the whore in the TV show is based on any of them.

Rumors that the Mole's Town whore is named "Momo" are erroneous.