The Milkwater is a river located beyond the Wall. It is created from several tributaries that originate in the Frostfangs, and runs south along the mountain range until it pours its waters into the Bay of Ice. It carves a deep gorge through the mountains as it empties into the sea at the western end of the Wall, which is guarded by the Shadow Tower.[1]

The Milkwater has four main branches, none of which has been revealed to have a formal name - they are all considered part of "the Milkwater". One major branch runs all the way north along the mountain range, almost to the valley of the Thenn. The next branch runs northwest from the Fist of the First Men, north of the Skirling Pass. A third branch runs south of the Fist and the Skirling Pass. The fourth and southernmost branch actually doesn't originate in the Frostfangs, but in the Haunted Forest to the east. Indeed, it extends as far east as Castle Black (though at a much more northern latitude), and runs past Craster's Keep. This final branch joins the river somewhat north of the Shadow Tower.

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