Michael Eaton is a Graphic Artist for Game of Thrones.

Eaton began work on the TV series in Season 1, working with lead Graphic Designer Jim Stanes, and he has continued to work on the TV series through Season 4. Along with Stanes, he produces the Heraldry, written letters, and other designs that appear on-screen in the TV series.

In Season 1, Eaton worked on some of the tournament heraldry and Lannister army tent design details.

In Season 2, Eaton continued to work on heraldry designs, as well as the interior design of Dragonstone castle (including the design for the large carved table map of Westeros), extensive set dressing of written notes for the Guildhall of the Alchemists set. and the new metal spike motif that Joffrey Baratheon redecorates the Iron Throne set with to make it appear more intimidating. He also drew the maps of King's Landing that Tyrion Lannister] reads over preparing for the siege of the city.

In Season 3, Eaton wrote and illustrated all of the books that Shireen Baratheon is seen reading. He also developed the design for the Harpy flag of Astapor in Slaver's Bay, the embroidered heraldry rose that a Tyrell lady is seen presenting to Olenna Tyrell, and other maps of Westeros. Eaton also specifically wrote various assorted letters, including the letter that Samwell Tarly writes for Maester Aemon to send to all the lords of Westeros, the letter from Walder Frey sent to Tywin Lannister's Small Council informing them of the Red Wedding, and the letter that Talisa is seen writing in Valyrian.

In Season 4, Eaton personally designed and handwrote the prop book for The Book of Brothers, the White Book containing the histories of all the great Kingsguard that Jaime Lannister and Joffrey are seen prominently examining in the Season 4 premiere. Eaton also designed the chandelier in the White Sword Tower during this scene. Also in Season 4, Eaton designed the carved image decorations on the doors of the Iron Bank of Braavos chamber, established the mosaic design in the arena that Oberyn Martell duels Gregor Clegane, and other maps.

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