Wiki of Westeros

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Wiki of Westeros
Wiki of Westeros

This is a guide to official merchandise for adaptations of A Song of Ice and Fire and its supplementary material by George R.R. Martin. This specific article is a hub page leading to larger articles devoted to specific categories of merchandise.

Home video[]

Main page: Merchandise/Home video

Blu-ray and DVD releases


Main page: Merchandise/Soundtracks


Main page: Merchandise/Books

Officially licensed works written about the TV series and novels

Toys and figures[]

Main page: Merchandise/Toys and figures

Toy sets and action figures.


Main page: Merchandise/Games

These are video games and app games based on Game of Thrones, though none are officially part of the TV continuity.

HBO Online Store[]

  • HBO Store's Game of Thrones section - an extensive catalogue and online order system for official Game of Thrones merchandise, including Blu-rays/DVDs/soundtrack CDs, licensed clothing, figures, deluxe collectibles, accessories, jewelry, and wall posters.