"Led by a High King, they assembled a great army to break the khals once and for all, and met the Dothraki on what would ever after be known as the Field of Crows."
Jorah Mormont[src]

High King Mazor Alexi was the last High King of Sarnor.


When the Dothraki led by Khal Moro destroyed the city of Sathar, the Sarnori assembled under Alexi as their High King. Having gathered a large army to break the power of the Dothraki once and for all, the Sarnori met them in battle in what became known as the Field of Crows. The four Dothraki khals commanded nearly 80,000 horsemen, while the Sarnori had 100,000 foot soldiers, 10,000 armored riders, 10,000 light horsemen and 6,000 scythed chariots.

The chariots broke through the Dothraki cavalry, and the khalasar of Khal Haro fled the battle after Haro was killed. When the chariots pursued the fleeing cavalry, Alexi and his armored riders followed, the foot soldiers behind them, and the Sarnori appeared victorious. However, the Dothraki had merely set a trap, and the fleeing horsemen turned and fire a volley of arrows at the Sarnori. Two khalasars attacked their flanks while another attacked from the rear, cutting off their retreat. With no escape, Alexi and his troops were destroyed.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, his story is the same.

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