"And when at last she died, her eldest child succeeded her; her daughter, not her son, and Dorne followed her because Nymeria had proven that women were equal to men, if not better."
Ellaria Sand[src]

The daughter of Nymeria and Mors Martell was the first child of the warrior-queen Nymeria and her first husband, Mors Martell.


She was the first child of the warrior-queen Nymeria and her first husband, Mors Martell. At some point, her father was killed in battle either before or during the time that her mother was dealing with the rebels from House Dayne. Eventually, Nymeria defeated them and sent Vorian Dayne to the Wall, taking his son, Davos Dayne, as her husband, giving her daughter a stepfather. Despite having a half-brother by Davos, this Martell ultimately succeeded her mother, as Nymeria had proved in her war that women were at least equal to men, if not better.[1]

In the books

Since she was the eldest child, she inherited the rule of Dorne even though she was a woman, as per Rhoynish custom.


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