Jorah Mormont: "I had no money and an expensive wife."
Daenerys Targaryen: "And where is she now?"
Jorah Mormont: "In another place, with another man."
— Jorah Mormont's rationalization for selling poachers into slavery.[src]

Lynesse Hightower is the former wife of Ser Jorah Mormont, the former Lord of Bear Island, and a member of House Hightower of Oldtown. She is the younger sister of Alerie Tyrell, the wife of Lord Mace Tyrell, head of House Tyrell.


Season 1

When Daenerys Targaryen asks Ser Jorah Mormont the reason he had sold poachers into slavery, he mentions Lynesse and her expensive tastes, which he always sought to please, leading to his ruin. Then Daenerys asks where is she now and he answers that she's in another place with another man.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Lynesse is described as extremely beautiful with blonde hair and pale skin. Jorah Mormont says she looked a bit like Daenerys Targaryen.

Lynesse married Jorah after he won a tournament to celebrate the victory of King Robert against the Greyjoy Rebellion, in which Jorah wore her favor.

Lynesse was used to the riches and luxury of Oldtown, and found Bear Island primitive and crude. Jorah once brought her to Winterfell, and Catelyn noticed how unhappy she looked. She confessed to Catelyn that the North was no place for a Hightower of Oldtown. Catelyn tried to console Lynesse by telling her "there was a Tully of Riverrun who felt the same once, but in time she found much here she could love", but in vain. 

Jorah's attempts to please his wife led to him spending all of his money. He disgraced himself through behavior unbefitting a lord, by arresting poachers and selling them to slavers (slavery has been illegal in the Seven Kingdoms for millennia). When Eddard Stark came to arrest Jorah, he and Lynesse fled across the Narrow Sea to the Free City of Lys, leaving his aunt Maege to become the ruling Lady of Bear Island.

Jorah attempted to make his living as a sellsword, but was unable to provide an income acceptable to Lynesse. Eventually she left him and became a concubine to the merchant-lord Tregar Ormollen.

The other Mormonts have a very negative opinion about Lynesse; Jeor tells Jon that she was vain and, without her, Jorah would have never thought of selling poachers; Maege and Dacey regard Lynesse scornfully, as a weak woman whose soft hands were never made for axes.

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