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"During the Age of Heroes, when Lymond Hightower saw the Gardener kings conquering the Reach, he didn't beat them on the battlefield, but in the godswood. He bound his house to theirs by marriage. And transformed House Hightower from wealthy but relatively minor kings to the greatest lords of the Reach. Thanks to Lord Lymond's foresight, Highgarden has always defended Oldtown. Allowing the Hightowers to focus on higher pursuits such as learning and trade."

Lymond Hightower was a King of the Hightower during the Age of Heroes.


When the kings of House Gardener conquered the Reach, Lymond decided to marry into their family rather than fight them. By marrying a daughter of House Gardener, Lymond was able to transform the Hightowers from wealthy but relatively minor kings into the greatest lords of the Reach. Since then, House Gardener, and later on House Tyrell, has always defended Oldtown, allowing the Hightowers to focus on learning and trade.[1]

In the books

Lymond is not mentioned in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. The World of Ice & Fire specifies that Lymond was known as the Sea Lion and fought and killed King Theon III Greyjoy after ceasing to pay tribute to the ironborn king. He brought back the First Men tradition of thralldom long enough to make the captured ironborn work on strengthening the walls of Oldtown.

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