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"I always feel out of place at big gatherings like this."
―Lyman to Mira Forrester[src]

Lyman Lannister is a third cousin to the main branch of House Lannister.



Lyman participated in and was wounded at the Tourney at Lannisport. After falling off of his horse and hitting his head, he needed Milk of the poppy for weeks to keep him from screaming. He became addicted to milk of the poppy, and continued to use it for many years afterward, using all of his money to get more. He shakes often as a result of this overuse.

"Sons of Winter"

Having allied himself with Lord Andros, a merchant lord, to deal ironwood. Lyman shared his secrets, including his injury at Lannisport and addiction, as well as coin with the other man. Andros had previously come into conflict with Tyrion Lannister, the Hand of the King, in regard to his ironwood contract with the king. After Tyrion was arrested for the murder of Joffrey Baratheon, however, Andros sought out Lyman and brought him into his business dealings.

Lyman attends Tommen's coronation feast. He notices Lord Garibald Tarwick, who folds his arms and turns his back to Lyman, ignoring him. After speaking with Lord Rickard Morgryn, Mira Forrester learns that Lyman is Andros' new business partner after Morgryn and Andros disassociated. Mira goes to speak to Lyman, who is startled that someone approached him so boldy and they introduce themselves to each other. Before Mira can convince Lyman to share information with her, Andros interrupts and informs him that he was talking to Mira Forrester, and yells at Mira.

Mira and Lord Tarwick discuss the events, and states that his concern was Lyman. When asked why, he answers that the story isn't fit for a maiden's ears. Mira manages to convince Lord Tarwick to tell about Lyman in exchange for telling him about Sera's family. He explains to her his injury at Lannisport and his addiction to milk of the poppy, and that he learned the story from Andros.

During their conversation Lyman and Andros were also talking. When Mira comes over to speak to Lyman, who attempts to brush her off, knowing of what she means to do. However, once Mira brings up his injury and explains the details, and that Andros spilled that secret. Lyman then tells Mira of Andros' plan to hire sellswords for Lord Ludd Whitehill to march against Ironrath. Lyman notices Andros, throws his goblet on the ground and confronts him. In the confrontation, he calls him out on his lies and exclaims that he is a liar Lyman should have never trusted, that Mira told him everything. Lyman exits the feast, leaving Andros to notice Mira and confront him.[1]


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