Lucan: "Do you know what this uniform means?"
Mira Forrester: "It means you serve the Lannisters."
Lucan: "So, you'd best get yourself back to your chambers. And I mean now."
— Lucan to Mira Forrester[src]

Lucan is a guard working for the Lannisters in King's Landing.


"The Lost Lords"

Lucan first appears when Mira Forrester attempts to sneak into the gardens at midnight to meet with an unknown person who left a note in her room. Lucan spots her and demands that she returns to her chambers. However, Damien then arrives and assures Lucan that Mira is with him, and Lucan begrudgingly allows her to stay.

Lucan is later seen searching for Damien after he attacks Mira and is either killed or left with Tom.[1]

"The Sword in the Darkness"

At the royal wedding, Lucan is on guard duty when he again encounters Mira with Sera Flowers. He demands to know what she was doing with Damien in the garden and tries to detain her, but he is prevented by Lord Morgryn, who intentionally bumps into him and spills wine over his clothes. Morgryn then requests Mira's help to Lucan's initial refusal, until Morgryn reminds him of their different social statuses. Lucan then reluctantly leaves Mira and returns to his watch.[2]

"A Nest of Vipers"

Lucan seeks out Mira Forrester on behalf of Cersei Lannister and brings the handmaiden to the queen. Cersei reveals that Lucan spotted Mira at Tommen's coronation festival.

Lucan later escorts Mira to Tyrion's cell, giving her wine to help loosen his tongue. When Tyrion figures out that Mira was sent by Cersei, Lucan storms in, berating her. Shortly thereafter, he grabs Mira and forcefully removes her from the cell.[3]

"The Ice Dragon"

Betrayed by Morgryn, Mira is handed over to Lucan, who imprisons her.[4]


Telltale Game Series appearances
Iron From Ice The Lost Lords The Sword in the Darkness
Sons of Winter A Nest of Vipers The Ice Dragon


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