"Who is gonna help us?"
―Loyal Night's Watch man to Davos Seaworth[src]

A loyal Night's Watch man finds Davos Seaworth standing above Jon Snow's lifeless body in the courtyard.


Season 6

After the Mutiny at Castle Black takes place, he, along with Eddison Tollett and two other brothers, finds Davos Seaworth standing above Jon Snow's lifeless body in the courtyard. Together, they move the body to the Lord Commander's quarters and barricade the door, after realizing that Alliser Thorne was behind the mutiny. Edd goes to find Tormund and the other Free Folk to help them defeat Thorne and his followers while Davos, Ghost, and the other loyalists stay behind to protect Jon's body.

Later, the group is approached by Thorne, who by then has the entire Night's Watch backing him up. He offers the loyal Night Watch's men immunity and safe passage for Davos and Melissandre to the South if they surrender. They are not swayed by Thorne's words, knowing he will kill them all the moment they open the door. Davos manages to buy sometime by promising Thorne an answer by nightfall.[1]

At nightfall, Thorne comes back and with Edd nowhere to be seen, the loyalist prepare to attack the mutineers as they break their way in. Before the skirmish commences Edd and Tormund arrive in time to end the struggle and place Thorne and the mutineers under arrest, saving the loyalists.


Season Six credits
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