Dorne, the lands ruled by the Lord of Sunspear.

The Lord of Sunspear (feminine equivalent: Lady of Sunspear) is the ruler of the stronghold of Sunspear, a castle is Dorne. The holder was traditionally also Prince of Dorne and thus the ruler of the entire region of Dorne. As with most Dornish titles, succession to the title is granted to the eldest surviving heir regardless of gender.

Dorne was a sovereign kingdom before the invasion of Aegon the Conqueror and remained one afterwards, the only one of the Seven Kingdoms to do so. It joined the Seven Kingdoms through a peaceful marriage alliance nearly two centuries later. House Martell were the Lords of Sunspear (and the Princes of Dorne) until their legal extinction.

Sunspear's lord is currently unknown. The last holder of the title, Prince Doran Martell, was killed, along with his heir, Prince Trystane Martell. It is unclear whether Ellaria Sand assumed the title Lady of Sunspear. Since her imprisonment in King's Landing by Cersei Lannister, an unnamed Martell has assumed power in Dorne, and he presumably rules from Sunspear.

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Lord: Prince Martell Heir: Unknown
Seat: Sunspear Lands: Dorne
Title(s): Prince of Dorne · Lord of Sunspear
Ancestors:Princess Nymeria · Prince Mors Martell · Daughter of Mors · Princess Meria Martell · Prince Nymor Martell · Prince Maron Martell · Princess Daenerys Martell · Queen Myriah Martell
Current members:Sarella Sand · Elia Sand · Obella Sand · Dorea Sand · Loreza Sand
Deceased members:Prince Lewyn Martell · Princess Elia Martell · Prince Oberyn Martell · Prince Doran Martell · Prince Trystane Martell · Obara Sand · Nymeria Sand · Tyene Sand · Ellaria Sand
Household:{Areo Hotah} · {Caleotte}
Overlord:House Baratheon of King's Landing (formerly) · Bran Stark
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