Runestone, site of the Lord of Runestone

Lord of Runestone is the title held by the head of House Royce, an ancient noble house of the Vale of Arryn seated at the castle of Runestone.

The current Lord of Runestone is Lord Yohn Royce.

Known Lords of Runestone

Image Shield Name Reign Titles
Robar Royce II House-Royce-Main-Shield Robar II Royce ~ 6000 BAL Bronze King (until unification)

High King of the Valethe Fingers, and the Mountains of the Moon (from unification)

Image Shield Name Reign Titles
Lord royce season 6 House-Royce-Main-Shield Yohn Royce ? - Present Lord of Runestone
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Lord: Yohn Royce Heir: Unknown
Seat: Runestone Lands: The Vale of Arryn
Title(s): Lord of Runestone
Ancestors:{Robar II Royce}
Deceased members:{Robar Royce} · {Waymar Royce} · {Kyle Royce}
Household:Maester Helliweg · Samwell Stone
Overlord:House Arryn
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