Horn Hill, site of the Lord of Horn Hill

Lord of Horn Hill is the title held by the head of House Tarly; former vassals of House Tyrell of Highgarden. The bearer rules the castle Horn Hill in the Reach.

The current Lady of Horn Hill is Talla Tarly.



The first Lords of Horn Hill were Harlon the Hunter and Herndon of the Horn, sons of Garth Greenhand who shared both Horn Hill and a wife.

Season 7

With the deaths of Lord Randyll Tarly and his heir, Dickon, Talla Tarly becomes the new Lady of Horn Hill.

Season 8

Upon hearing about the death of his father, Samwell Tarly assumes Dickon became the Lord of Horn Hill. However, Daenerys Targaryen informs him that she also executed Dickon, deeply upsetting Samwell.

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Lord: Lady Talla Tarly Heir: Unknown
Seat: Horn Hill Lands: The Reach
Title(s): Lord of Horn Hill
Current members: Melessa Tarly · Samwell Tarly
Deceased members: Randyll Tarly · Dickon Tarly
Overlord: Lord Bronn
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