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Harrenhal, seat of the Lord of Harrenhal.

"For your good service and ingenuity in uniting the Houses of Lannister and Tyrell, I declare that you shall be granted the castle of Harrenhal with all its attendant lands and incomes to be held by your sons and grandsons from this day until the end of time."
Joffrey Baratheon installs the title on Petyr Baelish[src]

Lord of Harrenhal[1] is a title in held by the ruler of Harrenhal, the massive Riverlands castle built by King Harren Hoare, and its surrounding lands.

Several noble houses have held the title since Aegon's Conquest. After the death of Harren the Black and his sons, Aegon the Conqueror granted the castle to House Qoherys as a reward for its loyalty until the line died out. The following families to rule Harrenhal were the Towers, Harroways, Strongs, and Lothstons, all of which became extinct, leading to the popular belief that the castle is cursed. Following House Lothston, the Whents become the new Lords of Harrenhal, until the castle is occupied by House Lannister during the early stage of the War of the Five Kings, while Lady Shella Whent flees from it.

The title of Lord of Harrenhal is then awarded to Janos Slynt, commander of the City Watch of King's Landing, for his role in the betrayal and arrest of Eddard Stark. Thus, the newly created House Slynt displaces the nigh-extinct House Whent. However, Lord Janos never takes possession of Harrenhal, as he's stripped of lands and title and exiled to the Wall by acting Hand of the King Tyrion Lannister for his role in King Joffrey's purge of all of Robert Baratheon's bastards in King's Landing.

Tyrion then offers the title to Petyr Baelish in exchange for his aid in the liberation of Ser Jaime Lannister, along with the title of Lord Paramount of the Riverlands. However, Baelish obtains Harrenhal from the hands of King Joffrey as a reward for arranging an alliance between Houses Lannister and Tyrell.

Following the Trial of Petyr Baelish and the resultant extinction of House Baelish, the title of Lord of Harrenhal remains empty.

Known Lords of Harrenhal[]

Harrenhal was, in succession, ruled by Houses Hoare, Qoherys, Towers, Harroway, Strong, Lothston, Whent, Slynt, and Baelish.


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