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"In return for Edmyn's service, House Tully was made Aegon's new Lord Paramount of the Trident and all the other lords had to swear us fealty."
Brynden Tully recounts the history of House Tully.[src]

Walder Frey, Lord Paramount of the Trident from 300 AC to 303 AC.

Lord Paramount of the Trident or Lord Paramount of the Riverlands[1][2] is the title held by the head of the Great House of the Riverlands. The title takes its name from the Trident, the main river system of the region. Traditionally, the patriarch of House Tully held the title since the family was elevated to the position by Aegon I Targaryen in the War of Conquest.

When King Robb Stark went into open rebellion against the Iron Throne, House Tully joined him due to the attacks on their lands from House Lannister and because of their familial ties. Following the Red Wedding and the end of the Northern rebellion, House Tully has been dispossessed of all lands and titles. House Frey, one of the main participants in the Red Wedding, has been granted the castle and lands of Riverrun and elevated as the Great House of the Riverlands.

Edmure Tully, after being restored as head of House Tully, currently holds the title after the death of Lord Walder Frey and his heirs.

Known Lords Paramount of the Trident

Vacant 300 AC: Edmure Tully serves as Lord of Riverrun under Robb Stark, King in the North.

Vacant 303–305 AC

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Freys assumed that they would be made the new Lords Paramount of the Trident as a reward for the Red Wedding. The Lannisters did promise them rule of Riverrun itself, but snubbed the Freys by giving the title to Petyr Baelish. Littlefinger, meanwhile, hasn't even set foot in the war-torn Riverlands, and simply let the region rot and its people starve while he continued his plotting in the capital and the Vale.

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