Lord Harroway's Town is a large market-town in the Riverlands, located just upriver along the Trident from the Inn at the Crossroads.


Season 7

Jaime Lannister instructs his military commanders that their remaining forces in the Westerlands should head east along the River Road, until they meet up at Lord Harroway's Town with their forces from King's Landing heading west, before advancing north.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Lord Harroway's Town is much the same. It is currently ruled by House Roote, apparently a relatively minor noble House. It was originally named after a ruler from House Harroway, the second family to hold Harrenhal after the Targaryen Conquest (following the extinction of House Qoherys at the hands of a rebel lord). The Harroways held Harrenhal for a scant four years, however, before being wiped out by King Maegor the Cruel.

Lord Harroway's Town is one of the larger market-towns in the Riverlands, along with Saltpans and Fairmarket. The Riverlands have no settlement large enough to be called a "city" in them, because for one reason or another various local kings throughout history refused to grant such charters to give them the right to formally expand. Thus the fact that there are no "cities" in the Riverlands can be misleading, as it has a disproportionate amount of fairly large market-towns.

The course of the Trident river shifted about 80 years prior to the War of the Five Kings: the Inn at the Crossroads used to be located on the waterfront with its own ferry dock, so that a traveler could take a ferry straight to Lord Harroway's Town, but after the river banks shifted the Inn is now located some distance inland.

Arya Stark and Sandor Clegane pass through Lord Harroway's Town on their way north to The Twins.

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