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A map showing the approximate borders of Lhazar on the continent of Essos.

Lhazar is a peaceful country of sheep and goat-herders, located south of Vaes Dothrak on the continent of Essos.[1]

In Essos, Slaver's Bay is shielded from the Dothraki Sea by a series of coastal mountains to their northeast. As the southeastern Dothraki Sea reaches near the mountains, it gives way to the hill country of Lhazar, which is unsuitable for horse-herds but quite suitable for sheep pastures.

This hill country is linked to Slaver’s Bay by the Khyzai Pass through the coastal mountains, formed by the Skahazadhan River. The upper Skahazadhan, on the interior side of the mountains facing the Dothraki Sea, provides Lhazar with enough water to carry out basic agriculture, despite bordering the agriculturally inactive Dothraki Sea to the north and deserts of the Red Waste to the east. On the opposite western side of the coastal mountains, the slaver-city Meereen is located at the mouth of the Skahazadan as it empties into the sea.

The inhabitants of Lhazar, known as the Lhazareen, are peaceful shepherds and farmers. They worship a deity known as the Great Shepherd.

Due to their non-martial culture they are a favored target of Dothraki raids when the mounted hordes are looking to acquire new slaves. The Lhazareen can put up little significant resistance against the Dothraki, who derisively call them the "Lamb Men". Lhazar may not have much in the way of wealth for direct plunder, but the Lhazareen themselves are regarded as excellent, docile slaves. The Dothraki will either keep them as direct slaves, or trade captured Lhazareen to the nearby slaver-cities in Slaver's Bay to the southwest in return for finished goods.


Season 1

Daenerys, Drogo, and Qotho, in Lhazar in front of the altar of the Great Shepherd

Mirri Maz Duur, a Lhazareen healer and "maegi"

Khal Drogo's khalasar raids a Lhazareen village. Many of the female residents of the village are gang-raped. Daenerys intervenes and stops the raping. Drogo agrees with Daenerys, and this triggers a challenge to Drogo's leadership from Mago, whom he defeats with ease, though he takes a small wound. Amongst the women of the village that Daenerys rescues is a maegi, Mirri Maz Duur. Grateful to Daenerys for her protection, Duur agrees to treat Drogo's wound.[2]

However, as the khal moves southwards from Lhazar, the wound festers and Drogo's condition worsens. At Daenerys's urging, and to the horror of the other Dothraki, Duur agrees to use blood magic to save Drogo.[3] Duur saves Drogo, but only at the cost of the life of Daenerys's unborn son. Drogo is also only restored to life in a mindless stupor.[4]

Season 2

As Daenerys's small band of remaining followers make their way through the desert of the Red Waste, she asks Jorah Mormont if there is no safer way. He responds that if they go back south to the land of the Lhazareen, they will kill her and her khalasar and take her dragons.[5]

Season 6

One of the Dosh khaleen whom Daenerys meets when she returns to Vaes Dothrak is a Lhazareen girl who was taken captive when her village was raided.[6]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Lhazar is located southeast of Vaes Dothrak and north-east of Slaver's Bay, upriver from the slave city of Meereen. The Dothraki enjoy raiding the Lhazareen, as they are not a martial people who cannot put up much resistance, and any slaves they take can be relatively quickly herded downriver to Meereen and the slave markets. The Lhazareen are disparagingly called the "Lamb Men" for their lack of martial culture.

Lhazar is located predominantly between two upper arms of the Skahazadhan River. However, Lhazareen villages and settlements are located around the surrounding area, including in the edges of the Dothraki sea and the Red Waste to the south. The Khazai Pass links Lhazar to Meereen.

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