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"Oh, let her in, Brusco, I'm hungry. Come here, sweetness. They say oysters get juices flowing."

Lhara is a prostitute living in Braavos.


Season 4

She is at a bathhouse with Salladhor Saan and another prostitute when Davos Seaworth interrupts them and recruits Salladhor.[1]

Season 5

Lhara is said to be a regular customer of "Lanna" a young shellfish monger who roams the working class sections of Braavos each morning. Lhara has a liking for the oysters Lanna sells, and buys some on her way home from work each morning; although it is the end of Lhara's working day, it is the beginning of Lanna's and Lhara is one of her first customers.[2]

When Lanna enters the brothel, Brusco tries to kick her out, but Lhara convinces him to let the girl stay as she is hungry for oysters. Lhara convinces her client to shell out for the snack by saying oysters are said to "get the juices flowing".[3]


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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, there is no character named Lhara.