"My lord is honored by his trust."
―Kurleket to Catelyn Stark[src]

Kurleket was a man-at-arms sworn to House Bracken. He helps Catelyn Stark to apprehend Tyrion Lannister and dies defending her during her passage through the Vale of Arryn.



Kurleket is a loyal Man-at-Arms of House Bracken, a vassal house of House Tully. He is traveling the Kingsroad following the Tourney of the Hand.

Season 1

Kurleket is drinking with companions at the Inn at the Crossroads when Tyrion Lannister arrives on his way south. Catelyn Stark is also in the inn and Tyrion recognizes her. She turns to the knights from the Riverlands in the inn to help her to take Tyrion into custody, accusing him of attempting to murder her son Bran Stark. She asserts her origin as a daughter of House Tully and then tells the man of House Bracken that she recognizes the red stallion of House Bracken and says that her father Lord Hoster Tully of Riverrun considers Lord Jonos Bracken one of his most loyal bannermen. Catelyn announces that she will return Tyrion to Winterfell to await the King's justice. The Knight of House Bracken draws his sword and threatens Tyrion.[1]

Kurleket holds his sword on Tyrion Lannister at the Crossroads Inn.

He accompanies Catelyn east into the Vale of Arryn; her claims to be headed to Winterfell were a diversion. Among the party are the captive Tyrion, the two Lannister men-at-arms who were traveling with Tyrion, Catelyn and her escort Ser Rodrik Cassel, the sellsword Bronn, the singer Marillion, a knight of House Whent and six other swordsmen loyal to House Tully. The party is attacked by warriors from the hill tribes. Kurleket dies defending Catelyn. Catelyn, Tyrion, Rodrik, Bronn, Marillion and two others survive the attack and continue to the Eyrie.[2]


Season One appearances
Winter Is Coming The Kingsroad Lord Snow Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things The Wolf and the Lion
A Golden Crown You Win or You Die The Pointy End Baelor Fire and Blood

In the books

In A Song of Ice and Fire novels, three men-at-arms from House Bracken accompany Catelyn into the Vale. Kurleket is the leader of the trio and he is the one who speaks to Catelyn in the Inn at the Crossroads. He assists in the capture of Tyrion and is among the party that travels into the Mountains of the Moon. He is slain during a battle with the Mountain clans.

Kurleket's name is an inside joke by author George R.R. Martin. All three men from House Bracken whom Catelyn recruits at the Crossroads Inn are named "Mohor", "Lharys", and "Kurleket" - as in Moe, Larry, and Curly, the infamous Three Stooges. Martin has himself confirmed the reference.[3]

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