King of the Reach

Crown of the Kings in the Reach

King of the Reach was the title held by the ruler of the Reach prior to the Targaryen conquest of Westeros, since the Age of Heroes. The title was held by the head of House Gardener.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the King of the Reach was the title of the ruler of the Reach from Garth the Gardener to Mern IX. The Kings of the Reach were members of House Gardener.  

Known Kings of the Reach are:

  • Garth I, called "Garth the Gardener", son of Garth Greenhand and first King of the Reach.
  • Garth III, called "Garth the Great"
  • ​Garth V, called "the Hammer of the Dornish"
  • Gwayne I, called "Gwayne the Gallant"
  • Gyles I, called "Gyles the Woe"
  • Meryn III
  • Garland II, called "Garland the Bridegroom"
  • Gwayne III, called "Gwayne the Fat"
  • John II, called "John the Tall"
  • Gareth II, called "Gareth the Grim"
  • Garth VI, called "Gareth the Morningstar"
  • Gyles II
  • Gordan I, called "Gordan Grey-Eyes"
  • Garth VII, called "Garth Goldenhand", the greatest of the Gardener kings
  • Gwayne IV, called "Gwayne the Gods-fearing"
  • Mern II, called "Mern the Mason"
  • Mern III, called "Mern the Madling"
  • Garth IX, first of the Three Sage Kings
    • Merle I, his son, called "Merle the Meek", second of the Three Sage Kings
      • Gwayne V, his son, third and last of the Three Sage Kings
  • Garland VI
  • Gyles III
  • Garth X, called "Garth Greybeard"
    • Mern VI, his second cousin
      • Garth XI, called "Garth the Painter", his son
  • Greydon
  • Perceon III
    • Gwayne, his son
  • Garth XII
  • Garse VII, slain by Argilac the Arrogant at the Battle of Summerfield

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