King of Salt and Rock (feminine equivalent being Queen of Salt and Rock) is one of the self-styled titles held by the head of House Greyjoy, ruler of the ironborn and Lord of the Iron Islands. It is not a regal title, and the name of a lord bearing it is not prefixed by "King". It was first held by Lord Vickon Greyjoy and is currently held by Queen Yara Greyjoy.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the title is a reference to the ancient time in which each of the Iron Islands had a "salt king" and a "rock king", from which a "High King of the Isles" was elected in a kingsmoot. Both traditions were put to an end when Urron Greyiron descended on Nagga's Hill on Old Wyk and slew all the other kings, taking the crown for himself and making the kingship of the Iron Isles hereditary.

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