Brienne of Tarth: "The kidney pie is wonderful."
Hot Pie: "Thanks. I do my best. A good kidney pie is all about the ingredients. Flour, lard, water, eggs, milk - easy enough. But the meat? Peacetime or not, getting your hands on a good bottom round steak and calves' kidneys is not easy. I mean, some people settle for plain old beef kidneys. Got no right to cook anything, them. Oh, and the gravy! Don't get me started on the gravy. Very difficult to get right. See, a lot of people give up on the gravy. You cannot give up on the gravy. No gravy, no pie - Simple as that."
Hot Pie extols on how to make a proper kidney pie[src]

Kidney pie made by Hot Pie.


Hot Pie speaks while Brienne and Pod eat a kidney pie made by him, in "Mockingbird".

Kidney pie is a food served in Westeros.


Season 4

Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne stop at an inn to dine, where they are served a kidney pie by Hot Pie. Hot Pie then talks to them in length about how to properly make one.[1]

Season 6

Sansa Stark recalls to Jon Snow the kidney pie that Old Nan used to make, with peas and onions.[2]