"Lucky for you southerners, the Free Folk rallied to a King-Beyond-the-Wall, as we will when need be."

Joramun was a legendary King-Beyond-the-Wall.


According to legend, Joramun gathered the Free Folk to battle the Night's King, who had made the Night's Watch into his personal army. He joined forces with the Stark King of Winter, Brandon the Breaker and together they brought down the Night's King.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Joramun is a legendary King-Beyond-the-Wall who not only fought the Night's King, but also blew the Horn of Winter to wake giants from the earth.

According to Mance Rayder and Ygritte, the Horn is also capable of bringing the Wall down, but that was never mentioned in the original legend.

Given that the Night's King was only the thirteenth Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, he and Joramun lived relatively soon after the Wall was completed - which may imply that Joramun was the very first King-Beyond-the-Wall, though this has not been confirmed.

When Jon Snow comes to parley with Mance Rayder (actually to kill him), Mance shows him a huge horn, claiming it is the legendary Horn of Winter. He tells Jon to deliver an ultimatum to Castle Black: unless the wildlings are allowed to pass the Wall within three days, he will blow the horn and destroy the Wall. The horn is destroyed while Mance is executed. However, later Tormund tells Jon that the destroyed horn was a fake; Mance has never found the true horn. There is a theory that the broken warhorn which Sam has in possession is the Horn of Winter, but it has not been verified so far.

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