"Johnna is gonna look after you. She's in charge. You listen to her."
Karsi to her younger daughter before the Massacre at Hardhome[src]

Johnna is a wildling who resides at Hardhome.



Johnna resides in Hardhome with her mother and sister

Season 5

Johnna and her sister Willa are evacuated from Hardhome after Karsi agrees to Tormund and Jon Snow's plan to resettle the wildlings in the Gift, in exchange for military support when the White Walkers finally assail the Wall. As she loads them into a boat, Johnna and her sister ask Karsi if she'll go with them, to which their mother replies that she'll follow shortly. Karsi is killed shortly thereafter in the Massacre at Hardhome, but her daughters at that point have reached the safety of the Night's Watch ships.

Johnna and Willa later march with Tormund and Jon as part of the Wildling host when they arrive at Castle Black.[1]


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