"Joffrey Dayne, who answered Aegon the Conqueror's demand to submit by invading Aegon's Seven Kingdoms and marching an army to the gates of Oldtown, where Aegon had been crowned."
Eddard Stark[src]

Ser Joffrey Dayne was a knight of House Dayne during the War of Conquest.


When Aegon I Targaryen demanded that Joffrey and House Dayne submit, Joffrey invaded Aegon's realm and marched an army to Oldtown, where Aegon had been crowned.[1]

In the books

In The World of Ice & Fire novels, Joffrey Dayne led an army from Starfall to Oldtown during the First Dornish War. He was unable to breach the city's walls and therefore had the fields, farms and villages burned for twenty leagues around the city. Lord Manfred Hightower's son Garmon led a sortie against Joffrey, who killed him for it. He later melted back into the Red Mountains and Queen Visenya Targaryen and her dragon Vhagar attacked and burned Starfall in retaliation for his attack on Oldtown.

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